Coastal Brokers Insurance Services takes a personalized approach to working with you. 


What you can expect when working with us:

  1. Responsiveness - We respond to your inquiries and submissions expediently. We understand that prompt service helps you win and retain accounts.
  2. Appropriate Marketing - We know carrier appetites and will work with the right markets that fit your risks.
  3. Competitive Pricing - We understand that price is not always the most important part of your client relationship, but we strive to offer very competitive pricing with high rated, preferred carriers. 
  4. Technology - Our underwriters are provided with state-of-the-art technology to be accessible to you no matter where they are. We also utilize internal management software to track and respond to pending business. We work as a team to back each other up so your requests never go unanswered. 
  5. Ongoing Service - Once you place business with us we continue our responsive and quality service to you and your clients. We have a fully staffed, experienced service team ready to assist. 

We understand that you have options available for your business. Our goal is to ensure that you remain confident in making Coastal Brokers your wholesaler broker of choice.